The "Down Under" Sector is located in the far southern hemisphere of FMM-UV 32. When the ecosystem was still functioning, it was quite possibly the most dangerous sector of FMM-UV 32, with vicious dinosaurs and therapsids and harsh climates. It seems that despite minor attempts to colonize the sector, the climate and resident fauna were too much for even the Ancients.

Ankotarinja, the first "Down Under" area discovered.


This sector borders with the Triassic Sector to the north, though the two sectors do not come into contact with one another. It consists mainly of a volcanic continent known as Tiamat, although several other large islands are present in the oceans surrounding the continent. The continent's climate varies drastically from north to south and east to west, with temperate to polar climates such as Lake Andersen to the south, while arid deserts not unlike those of the Triassic Sector accommodate the north. Tiamat was considered the "Australia" of FMM UV-32, with varying climates and brutal wildlife.


The "Down Under" Sector may hold some of the harshest climates found on FMM UV-32. No area of the sector has a Vulcanicity of under 1.

Native FaunaEdit

The native wildlife of this sector was primarily composed of two distinct groups of fauna: the dinosaurs and the reptiles, though there were some mammals and birds. Every animal of this sector was considered dangerous, no matter what it appears to be.


Human ActivityEdit

  • Though there is no current animal activity, let alone human activity at all, when the "Down Under" Sector was still intact, there was much human activity.
  • Planetary Exploration Corp. mercenaries were sent to collect samples of wildlife in the "Down Under" Sector, resulting in pollution, overhunting, and even poaching in the later years of the "Down Under" Sector. This caused the ecosystem of the sector to collapse.

Ancient MonumentsEdit

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