Ancient Coast
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August 31 2012


Central Sector


Desert, Scrubland





Ancient Coast is an area consisting of two islands in the Central Sector. It is estimated to be in close proximity to the equator. It is known for its unique animal and plant life which are endemic to the area.


Ancient Coast was known to DinoHunt Corp. since the first hunting program, but was not yet opened to hunters in order to protect its endemic wildlife. Instead, DinoHunt made the area a protected reserve. Only when the local animal population stabilized did DinoHunt open the area to hunters on condition they do not harm any endangered species.


There are two islands, a large one to the northwest and a small one to the southeast.

Both island are covered in dunes. On the western island the dunes are singnificantly larger and covered in denser vegetation than on the eastern island. The western island also includes a steep dike at the northen coast.

In addition, both islands contain freshwater ponds, which are rare in such small islands.


The plant life of Ancient Coast consists almost entirely of low grasses, cycads and other shrubs. The shifting nature of the dunes allows almost nothing larger to grow. A few small trees grow on the hills, where vegetation is more plantiful.

Local FaunaEdit

Ancient Coast is home to the same pool of dinosaurian fauna that inhabits the rest of the Central Sector. However, it is also known to house two endemic species: a freshwater species of Trilobite and a small species of Dragonfly. Both species are critically endangered, as their only known habitat is one small freshwater pond in the eastern island. Once their population stabilizes, efforts may be made to relocate a few specimens to other areas.

Water FacilityEdit

At one point, DinoHunt constructed a small water pumping facility on the very pond that houses the
two endangered species. The facility consists of two pipes that run from the pond through a small control room and a system of large metal containers. Its purpose is not entirely clear; it may have been used to pump and bottle water for commercial distribution, as indicated by the strange Trilobite logo that appears on the buildings, as well as the sign near the pond that reads "Prehistoric Mineral Water, property of DinoHunt Corp.". It may, however, have been used to purify the water for the animals that depend on it, as suggested by the existence of two pipes- one of which could be running water from the pond into the purifier, and the other- back into the pond.

Either way, the facility seems to no longer be in use, as it is in serious disrepair, with the sign being half buried in sand and some support beams breaking loose. Whether it has been truly abandoned is hard to determine, as the control room remains locked, preventing hunters from seeing what goes within.

DinoHunt has been playfully secretive about this facility's purpose, to the point where many actually believe it to be a mere ploy to attract customers. CEO Elias Henriksen has repeatedly teased that there is "more to it than meets the eye." As with all other structures, it remains protected from vandalism under penalty of permanent exclusion from the planet.

Official Appearances Edit

Ancient Coast has not made an appearance in any official Carnivores games.

Other AppearancesEdit

Ancient Coast was made as an additional map for Carnivores 2.


  • This map is the second map to have been created by JenDOS_RUS, and has achieved enormous popularity the day it was released.
  • Almost every asset in this map, from objects, to textures, to sound effects, is custom made.