The Ancients are an unnamed, enigmatic alien race that inhabited FMM-UV 32 and vanished before human arrival. Their lives, identity, and extinction remain a mystery.


Some scholars identify the Ancients with the Yeti, believing they have at one point become feral and uncivilized. It is more likely, however, that the Ancients are a separate species entirely, and may or may not be humanoid in appearance. No hieroglyphs exist that indicate their physical shape, and attempts to unearth bodily remains have been fruitless.

A second theory, based on the alleged presence of Xenomorph eggs in Manya Jungle, identifies the Ancients with the Yautja race of "Aliens vs. Predator" lore; believing the planet FMM-UV 32 used to be one of many game reserves where the Yautja brought dinosaurs from Earth, and eventually Xenomorphs, to be hunted for sport. This idea is largely discredited as the animals of FMM-UV 32 are believed to have naturally evolved on the planet, not descended from Earth fauna.

Another theory suggests that the ancients never existed and the monuments were built by DinoHunt Corp. themselves, though the reason for that remains unclear.


Despite their permeation elsewhere on the planet, no Ancient remains have been found in the colder parts of the Arctic Sector. In the C2 and Triassic Sectors, at least three distinct cultures of Ancients are known to exist:

  • A "Temple Culture" which revered dinosaurs and built temples for them in the Central Sector.
  • A "Pyramid Culture" which built burial pyramids for their kings in the Central and Triassic Sectors.
  • A "Southern Temple Culture" which was centered around Dory Oasis.

At least one location in the Arctic Sector has been found. Called "Dead Man's River" due to the mysterious disappearance of DinoHunt employees venturing too deep into the area's eastern bank forests during various surveying events only to turn up dead later, seems to have been home to a mysterious warrior culture and was excavated by Dinohunt Corporation Archaeologists. Broken stone tablet pieces were found depicting either the appearance of an ancient or a currently unknown and perhaps non-existent creature resembling a man when pieced together.

Known Former Ancient SettlementsEdit

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