DinoHunt Corp is required to issue new Hunters a listing of animals, their behaviors, habitats, and danger. The Danger level is a basic grouping of what animals pose the largest threat to the Hunter. This is usually given to the new Hunter upon signing the waiver stating any injury or death on DinoHunt property will not hold DinoHunt Corp liable of lawsuit while on said property. Despite this, the insurance plan was invented as a bonus to increase the amount of Hunters coming to the planet. Below is a listing of the Danger Level Document that DinoHunt Corp issues:

  • Level 0: N/A- Ambient creatures such as the Pig, Pteranodon, Gallimimus, and Moschops are not assigned a danger level since they are not listed in the field guide given to hunters. Most ambients, however, would be considered Level 1 since they are not dangerous to humans.

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