The Arctic Sector is located around the north pole of FMM-UV 32. This region is infamous for its harsh climate and population of prehistoric mammals. It attracts hunters mainly with the opportunity to hunt the mysterious and elusive Yeti.

The Giant's Boot is a typical Arctic area.


This sector is relatively small, so far containing only five known areas. Like its neighbor to the south, the Central Sector, it consists mainly of islands, though at least one continent, which may be the same landmass as in the Central Sector, is known to reside within its borders.


The climate in this sector is generally cooler than its southern neighbor's, consisting mainly of taigas that are covered in snow all year round. However, at its most southern reaches the climate is more temperate, with four seasons and snow at winter.

Native FaunaEdit

The native animals of the Arctic sectors are mainly mammals and birds- warm-blooded animals that adapt to the cold and use the frozen north as a refuge from the reptiles that rule the south. Most of them resemble those of the Tertiary and Quartenary periods of Earth, with the exception of the Archaeopteryx and Yutyrannus, which resemble their counterparts from the Jurassic and Cretaceous respectively.

Human ActivityEdit

Prior to the opening of this sector to hunters, it was overrun by poachers. However, through a controversial bounty hunting campaign, DinoHunt Corp. managed to wipe their presence from this region entirely, explaining their absence from there henceforth.

There is also evidence of attempt of human settlement in the area, which failed:

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