Biology Edit

Fallen Bary








Pristine Kingdom


Keegan (model) Jzz(animations)

Baryonyx is one of the species found within the Pristine Kingdom. Its more evolved cousins outside this region are the Central sector's Spinosaurus and the Exotic sector's Suchomimus, all walking in a bipedal stance. The Baryonyx within the Pristine Kingdom seems to have not evolved the same way as its smaller relatives have, but rather kept its quadrupedal form.

This species is much larger than most known spinosaurids of Planet FMM-UV 32, weighing well over 3 tons and coming in at over 20ft long. Although it being a quadruped, its maneuverability is quite impressive, turning sharp corners and running full speed towards its prey. The feature of Baryonyx that stands out, besides its quadrupedal stance, is its rough scales covering most of its body. Thick skin like that can easily stop the force of a bite, claws, spikes, horns, or more recently, bullets. One good vulnerable spot would be its chest region, as it lacks the thick skin needed in that region.

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