Date of Release

April 25 2008



Current Version


C3Dit is a Carnivores 3D format editor. It is quick loading, and its main functions are: Importing and exporting models for use in Carnivores, replacing textures and sounds in .CAR files, and adding sounds, animations, a model and a texture into a .CAR or .3DF file. This program may import and export .3DF,.CAR, .C2O, and .OBJ formats. The program has 8 viewing angles, Perspective, First Person, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Front, and Back, which can be changed from the view drop down menu. It has a animation menu for each animation imported, which allow you to change the file for the animation, the name, and the Frames Per Second (FPS) at which the animation will play. The texture tab allows you to Import and Export the current texture of the .CAR file, and flip the UV map. The data tab has a function to flip the triangles, useful if your model is inside out. The bar under the tabs has buttons for opening, saving, creating a new project, and pausing and playing the current animation. The view tab also has options to show lighting, specular lighting, env mapping, the grid, axis, and bones and joints between bones.

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