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Carnivores 2 with Dangerous Herbivores patch


Fish Tank

The Jungle is a total-conversion mod for Carnivores 2, which, like Carnivores Triassic, is part of the continuity of the original Carnivores series, acting as a prequel to the original games and the Extended Canon.


A rather new mod, The Jungle has gone through several name changes, from Jurassic Park Hunter: Freakshow (an intended spin-off of Jurassic Park Hunter) to Death Jungle (an intended remake of an old mod) and finally to The Jungle. Currently it's in the later stages of development, set for a late winter/early spring Beta 1 release.


The Jungle is a prequel to the Carnivores games, intended to explain the first part of the canon's story. In the year 2190, after a Planetary Exploration Group research vessel inadvertantly stumbles upon an alien planet populated with creatures resembling those of Earth's prehistory, they send two expeditions led by their top explorers, Turan Choks and Goro Maki. Turan Choks's expedition is sent to a more northern area of the planet, while Maki's expedition is sent to an area farther south.


The equipment of this game is moderately futuristic, featuring future equivalents of modern weapons.

Ambient AnimalsEdit

Huntable AnimalsEdit


  • PSMG
  • 9.2mm Pistol
  • Safari S.Gun
  • P. Viper Magnum
  • Mk.47 DMR
  • Pitbull Auto S.Gun
  • BFG A2
  • The Boomstick


  • Lake Andersen
  • The Chasm of Barraiya
  • Bamapana Falls
  • Blood Hills
  • Ankotarinja
  • The Geondrix Formation
  • Onur Village
  • Death Jungle


The items are identical to those of Carnivores 2.

List of DevelopersEdit

  • Fish Tank - Project Leader
  • Ophious - Mapper
  • Shin-Go - Story Help, Skinning Help
  • Jzz - Creature Design

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