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Carnivores Africa is a discontinued mod from 2008, developed by P.Rex. The mod was largely unfinished, with various ideas for maps and animals which could not be implemented in full due to the technical constraints of the time.

Maps Edit

Mfuto Island - a small island with a typical Savannah setting. Tall grasses everywhere, sandy beaches, and a few acacia trees scattered around. Mfuto Island was the only map concept from this mod to be eventually turned into a map de facto, but that did not happen until 2012 when the map was created for Carnivores Triassic.

Afriti Forest - not an island but an all-land map, similar to Vengar Fjords. A half-forest half-savannah area, this map contains an abandoned village to the south. Some of the core concept behind this map eventually made it into the 2012 release of Mfuto Island.

Hakuna Matata - this map resides on the edge of the continent, like Ring of Infernus. The plant life and overall atmosphere resembles Vengar Fjords.

The Great Sahara - this map is set in the outskirts of the Sahara desert. The area consists of dunes peppered with small oases; this concept would later be implemented into Panerimos.

Cradle of Life - an all-land map, covered in dense jungle. In the middle of the jungle is a large clearing, where according to legend the first human being was born.

Pagaza Rock - a barren island, similar to The Great Lake.

Ambient Animals Edit



Huntable Animals Edit

White Rhinoceros

African Wild Dog


Black Rhinoceros

Elephant Bird

Red Deer




Kasai Rex

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