The Central Sector is located in the northern hemisphere of FMM-UV 32. It is the first region discovered on the planet, as well as the most widely explored region and the most popular with hunters due to its mild climate and vast population of dinosaurs.

The Jungle of Gravitsappa is a typical Central area.


This sector is the largest known sector on the planet, occupying most of the northern hemisphere and reaching from the Arctic circle to the equator. It borders with the Arctic Sector on the north, and the Triassic Sector on the south.

The Central sector consists mostly of islands and archipelagos, though at least one continent is known to exist within its borders.

East-Central TerritoriesEdit

The East-Central territories are the six regions opened to hunters during DinoHunt's first hunting program. They were temporarily closed to the public when the second program opened, but were made available again a decade later. These regions were once believed by a large portion of the public ad DinoHunt clientelle to be part of a separate sector before it was revealed they were located sporadically throughout the Central Sector.


Due to its immense size and reach across several latitudes, the Central sector contains many distinct climates, from temperate forests and grasslands in the north to warmer jungles and deserts in the south.

Native FaunaEdit

The Central sector is the most biodiverse sector known thus far due to immense exploration efforts. It houses mainly reptilian species such as dinosaurs, pterosaurs and synapsids. Most species here resemble those of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of Earth, though a few species from earlier periods exist here as well.


Human SettlementsEdit

Ancient MonumentsEdit