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Triassic Sector, Exotic Sector, Central Sector(invasive), Crater City(invasive)


Tatem Games(iOS), Sunstorm Interactive(Cityscape), ibuildcircuits & P.Rex (Triassic)

Coelophysis bauri is one of several dinosaurs inhabiting FMM-UV 32. It is native to the Triassic Sector but has invaded the Central Sector in recent times. Another more unique morph of the creature exists on the Exotic Sector. This particular morph escaped from a crashed DinoHunt ship during the Crater City incident.

Biology Edit

The Coelophysis of FMM-UV 32 greatly resembles its Earth counterpart, the most notable differences being its pronated hands and lack of feathers (albeit the Exotic variant has several small bristles and light down on its body). It has light green spots covering its body, a white underbelly and legs with black stripes. It has a red stripe on its forehead and a green stripe on its face with white eyes. The Exotic morph has a mostly yellow body, a red head and neck, black spots and a creamy underbelly. The dinosaur is native to the infamous Triassic Sector, where it leads a solitary lifestyle because of the scarcity of food and harsh climatic conditions. However, after the Gojirasaurus incident, where the border between the Central and Triassic sectors was breached by the mutant beast, Coelophysis made its way into the Central Sector and successfully established itself there as an invasive species. In the Central Sector, C. bauri hunts and lives in packs of up to 5 or even 8 members, thanks to a major abundance of food. They are noisy animals, and their constant chirping and squealing noises are a common sound in the jungle. Packs of Coelophysis have been killing off local populations of herbivores such as Moschops and Pachycephalosaurus and most hunters have been advised to take care of the little theropods before they keep reproducing.

Another morph of Coelophysis is known to exist in the mysterious Exotic Sector. This morph has a yellow body with black spots and a red head and neck, and also possesses small, white bristly feathers on its head and tail. Like the majority of dinosaurs of this sector, this Coelophysis has more resemblance to its Earth counterpart and, while speedy, is not as fast as its Triassic and Central counterpart, due to it not being in contact with mankind for quite some time. They are also just as noisy as the other morph.

This particular Coelophysis was one of many animals chosen by DinoHunt Corp for their travelling zoo project, many were taken from their habitat and placed in cryogenic stasis until the ship carrying them crashed on Crater City, releasing the dormant dinosaurs and allowing them to invade the area.

Official Appearances Edit

  • Carnivores Cityscape
  • Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Mobile

Community Appearances Edit

  • Carnivores Triassic
  • Carnivores the Middle Islands