The Crater City Incident was the result of DinoHunt Corp's traveling zoo campaign to promote the recently-discovered Exotic Sector and resulted in the loss of numerous lives in the Crater City Space Colony. The incident hurt DinoHunt Corp's reputation and forced them to deal with lawsuits and many other legal problems relating to the disaster.


Some years after the Arctic Sector tours were opened up DinoHunt came across a new area which they labelled Exotic Sector, due to its unusual dinosaurs and ecosystem, and opened a rather small hunting tour to test the islands, which proved to be a success. However, rumors of deaths and the dangers involved in spending time on DinoHunt Corp. property caused a drop in business revenue for DinoHunt Corp. Fearing bankruptcy, the company launched a publicity campaign by opening up a traveling zoo. Deciding to capture some of the bizarre new species of the middle islands, DinoHunt Corp. shipped them from Earth Space Colony, to Space Colony showing them off to the public.

The first couple of visits were successful. However, on the way to the third colony, Crater City, something went horribly wrong. For unkown reasons, the ship carrying the load of Cryogenically frozen dinosaurs, DinoHunt Corp VII, crash landed in a canyon outside of the city. Due to a power failure caused by the ship's reactor becoming unstable from the crash, power on some parts of the ship went out, causing the dinosaurs onboard to break from their captivity and escape into the canyon. Many people were killed on their way out. In fact, only two DinoHunt Corp Scientists onboard Dinohunt Corp VII are known to have survived out of a crew of 20.

Call to ActionEdit

When Dinohunt Corp heard of the disaster, they did everything in their power with the Crater City government to keep it under wraps. However, eventually dinosaurs started making their way towards the city. Eventually, a truck had a head on collision with a Nanotyrannus while crossing a bridge, which killed the dinosaur in the process. After that, it was impossible for the government of Crater City and DinoHunt Corp to keep quiet. During this, dinosaurs had already started invading the city, killing any residents that hadn't evacuated yet. By this time, Agents had been dispatched to the crash site to kill any dinosaurs that remained on the ship and in the surrounding forests.

The Agents were then deployed to crater city to battle the large hoards of dinosaurs and evacuate any remaining survivors. One such important survivor was the cowardly Senator of Crater City which one agent was tasked to rescue from city hall. Later agents would be deployed into the City's Aquaducts to rescue any survivors that wondered into the sewers and attempt to drown any dinosaurs in there by flooding them. The plan to flood the sewers didn't work very well and eventually dinosaurs started appearing in the city's, subways, slums, and industrial areas.

Eventually, the dinosaurs started making their way to the DinoHunt Corp. Chemical Complex that resided within Crater City. The dinosaur Pheromones stored inside lured many dinosaurs to this area. Eventually, a mysterious vat of blue chemicals became at risk of being destoryed. This vat contained massive amounts of a top secret chemical that would have made Crater City uninhabitable if it were to be destoryed. A single agent with unmeasurable skills was tasked with guarding it from large amounts of dinosaurs surrounding it until back up could arrive. Barely surviving, the Agent managed to defeat every single dinosaur by himself. Thus helping neutralize the threat to the chemical complex.


While the single agent was fending off hoards of dinosaurs, the other agents were sent elsewhere to clean up the remaining dinosaurs. By the time every dinosaur was confirmed destroyed, the entire city was in turmoil. DinoHunt Corp knew they would be facing legal trouble because of the deaths related to the incident. By the time the lawsuits were settled, DinoHunt Corp. found themselves in severe debt. However, the incident did manage to teach them a lesson about bringing animals off of their planet.

DinoHunt Corp decided it would be better to keep them on it from now on and not attempt the traveling zoo stunt ever again. However, to increase profits to pay off lawsuits and help build up the company's revenue, a zoo was opened on FMM-UV 32 itself. To insure the safety of their visitors, DinoHunt Corp hired the most skilled Hunters they knew of from their property to be security guards and protect the zoo from potential break outs. As a bonus, any dinosaurs that broke out, became the hunters' trophies when killed.  In the end, the zoo was a success and no visitor fatalities were reported. To this day, the zoo remains open as a showcase of what potential hunters will see on their hunting trips.

Additionally, DinoHunt Corp has refocused its efforts on expanding its hunting division. After the Crater City Incident, the C2 Sector was greatly expanded and the Triassic Sector was opened for hunting. However, the opening of the Triassic Sector was met with criticism by clients as a hasty reputation repair job, as it was permeated by poacher activity that has yet to be fully eradicated. The Exotic Sector was closed for a while following these events, but was reccently reopened and still continues to operate.