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Designer 2 (also known as D2) is a modeling program used by the original creators of the Carnivores Saga. It is an executive file (D2.EXE) It has some features that manipulate models some of them incomplete and require external programs to finish. Some functions do not work, it is limited but has a quick loading interface. This program may import .3DF and .MD3 model files, it exports models as either: Original Model Files, Oldfile Format 16-bit Texture and Oldfile Format 32-bit Texture. Currently the primary editor takes in only 16-bit textured models. The OldFile Format can be saved along with the 16 bit, and when used will allow your model to be textured in Animator 7's viewports. The program has four viewports, three of which are fixed wirefrime and one texured/untexured perspective viewport (depending on software it may or may not be supported.) It has normal funtions like undo (unlike Animator 7) rotate, move, scale, mirror etc. In the tools section it is possible to customize the user keys at one's will. It has automapping and in-program painting of the model. Selecting of veteces, triangles and objects are individaully selectable. Geometry creation consists of verteces, faces, quads and objects (bones.) As the primary rigging program Designer 2 allows the user to make many bones and in the Object Manager its possible to make a bone tree with different heirarchies and link a group of bones under even quaternary branches.

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