Equip dinocall

A device used to playback know dinosaur mating calls. This tool allows a hunter to call the particular dinosaur species towards the hunter making the sounds. Dinosaurs will respond with a call, this is very useful especially when the radar is not equipped. Its important to note that carnivorous dinosaurs will scare off all herbivores and ambients and if not used correctly it may draw a carnivore too close which may leave the hunter at a disadvantage like being outnumbered. A parameter in the RES_TXT declares a certain dinosaur's call as carnivorous by "DANGER = TRUE". Dinosaurs are able to hear each call depending on thier assign value of hearing as in the RES_TXT by "hear = <0.0-1.0>". Three calls are assigned to the AI and are like most other audio files 22050 hz 16-bit Mono based.