Elias Henriksen is the current CEO of DinoHunt Corp.

Birth and early life Edit

Elias Henriksen was born in Moscow, Russia, Earth in May of 2223. He lived with a rich family in a mansion just outside the city.

Planetary Exploration Corporation (PEC) Edit

In Elias's childhood, his father, Igor Henriksen was the CEO of Planetary Exploration Corporation (PEC). Elias was only 12 when his father died of pneumonia in 2235. So his mother, Nadia Henriksen helped him take over the company.

DinoHunt Corp establishment Edit

Elias henriksen was 18 years old when he renamed "PEC" to "DinoHunt Corp." in 2241, and eventually purhased planet FMM UV-32 for $10,000,000 in 2253, when he was 30.

After, DinoHunt Corp opened 3 successful hunting tours, shortly before the first tour, the city of Henriksenopolis was built. Eventually in 2267, the Crater City Incident took place. Arfer the incident, DinoHunt Corp was sued for $2,500. Elias's wife, Tia Henriksen helped him and DinoHunt Corp recover.

Current Life Edit

Elias Henriksen currently lives in a large mansion the city of Henriksenopolis and is now 52 years of age in 2275.

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