FMM-UV 32 is the designation for the planet the Carnivores series takes place on.

FMM UV-32 is an Earth-like planet discovered during a "routine exploration mission" by the science vessel FMM UV, captained by Turan Choks, in 2190 A.D., and is the planet on which CarnivoresCarnivores 2Carnivores Ice AgeCarnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, and Carnivores: Ice Age are set. The planet was found to be populated by prehistoric reptiles and, later, Ice Age mammals.

Known to have been discovered during a "routine exploration mission" by the science vessel FMM UV, captained by Turan Choks, in 2190 A.D, the planet's designation, FMM UV-32, suggests that it is the thirty-second planet to be discovered by FMM UV, though no details on the 31 preceding planets—or any subsequently discovered planets—are known. Following its discovery and the subsequent scouting mission which discovered the dinosaurs living on its surface, news spread quickly, and articles on the "Dinosaur Planet" led the Earth corporation DinoHunt Corp. to buy the rights to the planet and start a dinosaur hunting business on the planet's surface.

The planet's overall topography is unknown, though from the areas available in each game, it can be reasonably assumed that the planet is mostly covered with water, with several archipelagos and perhaps one or two larger landmasses. It can also be assumed that its land topography is similar to that of Earth's. It has one known moon and seems to be in a single-star planetary system, but no details about the system or host star are known - it is not even certain that the planet is located in the Milky Way galaxy. The most detail given is that the planet is "young", with "unstable terrain".

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