This corporation is DHC's rival company who have been in competition with one another ever since DHC bought the rights to FMM-UV 32.

History of the Galactic Corporation Edit

Galactic Corporation, like its rival company, also excells in planetary endeavors, either through owning specific planets,one similar to FMM-UV 32 or just simply hiring poachers for the same gain. It is currently unknown what GCorp is planning on achieving as their most highly renowned mercenaries have gone MIA treking through the unmarked regions of FMM-UV 32 as of late.

The act of hiring poachers and mercs Edit

Unlike Dinohuntcorp, GCorp does things the easy way. When not buying unmarked planets, this company hires poachers and mercenaries, the former more commonly, to hurt DHC in anyway they can.

Reasons for the rivalry with DinoHuntCorp Edit

  1. Like many reasons, the main and most obvious reason, is business wise, one always tries to best the other.
  2. Another reason is for the specific business itself, hunting in a planetary market. DHC owns FMM-UV 32,a well known planet full of aliens,some of which resemble the animals of prehistoric Earth. GCorp on the other hand, owns more than just one planet, most planets owned by GCorp aren't for sport related hunting, but rather for resources,mining,certain materials not found on earth, etc. One planet in particular is used for the sole purpose of hunting, named Jurassik 3312,a similar planet to both Earth and FMM-UV 32.
  3. Jurassik 3312,itself is an attempt at out competing DHC, as this planet seems to support life that resembles dinosaurs of Earth's Jurassic period, thus the name. Altough not one of GCorps more successful programs, they hire poachers and mercenaries for this very reason.

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