G. carolinii










Exotic Sector, Crater City(invasive)


Sunstorm Interactive

Official AppearancesEdit

Giganotosaurus made its debut in Carnivores Cityscape, where it is both an enemy in the Agent campaign and a playable character in the dinosaur campaign it has also been modded in to the other Carnivores games as a huntable dinosaur. Giganotosaurus is also known to inhabit the Exotic Sector where it is a top predator preying on most of the other animals and using its huge size to scare away other carnivores from there kills Giganotosaurus can also grow to huge sizes reaching around 12 to 19 meters and weighing around 8 to 20 tonnes making it arguably the largest carnivore on the planet due to this its in direct competition with the T-rex that can also grow to around the same sizes. the Giganotosaurus has very good sight and vision and is very strong it is also known to hunt in groups from time to time. its size and power easily rival that of the T-rex and is even considered by some hunters as more dangerous.

The Giganotosaurus of FMM UV 32 is most famous for being apart of the Crater City cityscape incident where a large spacecraft that was carrying cryogenically-frozen dinosaurs from FMM-UV 32 crashed onto a distant planet close to a human settlement, which was the same planet that DinoHunt Corp's headquarters resided in. With the dinosaurs on a rampage, DinoHunt was then forced to hire special agents in order to kill the dinosaurs...but the animals are more intelligent and deadly than they realized, and it became a mission to exterminate the now-rapidly spreading dinosaurs before they took over the planet. The dinosaurs quickly spread and fought for survival, killing any human or animal in their path, as they spread across the planet. dangerous dinosaurs took over the crater city and surrounding areas causing a lot of property damage and countless lives were lost and many people were also injured the Giganotosaurs were the strongest dinosaurs unleashed and they hunted a lot of people and other dinosaurs. in a very short amount of time the Giganotosaurs became dominant and would of become the top species of the planet if the issue was not resolved in time by the agents.

Other AppearancesEdit

  • Giganotosaurus was scheduled to be one of the huntable dinosaurs in Primal Fear, where it would have used the AI spot of Ceratosaurus.
  • Giganotosaurus is one of the playable dinosaurs in Carnivores IV: Hunter Hunted.