Central Sector, Triassic Sector(invasive)



Story Edit

 The Gojirasaurus is a creature created by DinoHunt Corporation (as indicated by their logo being present on its legs)for an unknown benefactor. It was raised on a facility near the border of the Triassic Sector. At one point the Gojirasaurs escaped the facility, turning it to rubble. The Gojirasaurs then destroyed the border between the Central and Triassic Sector, allowing other creatures to switch between sectors. Now they reside in the Triassic sector, where they are being hunted in secret, the hunters who hunt this beast are not allowed to contact anyone but their family but will be treated well and granted access to any hunting tour, granted they make it out alive. After some time a VIP client leaked footage of hunting a Gojirasaurus. The public reaction was overwhelmingly negative, and DinoHunt Corp. was pressured to the point of closing all of it's tours. Now that DinoHunt Corp. is back on the rise with their new Mandibles Tour, one question remains, "Have Gojirasaurs invaded other sectors?"

Trivia Edit

  • There is an actual coelophysoid dinosaur named Gojirasaurus that has no relation to the Carnivores Triassic Gojirasaurus.
  • The Gojirasaurus is inspired by Godzilla,a monster created 236 years before the discovery of the planet.

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