Henriksenopolis is a city located on FMM-UV 32. It is DinoHunt Corporation's base of operations and serves primarily as a city for DinoHunt Corporation employees to live in while working under DinoHunt Corporation. In addition the city also caters to clients in various ways such as selling weaponry, supplies, and chartering ships to travel to other parts of the planet.

History Edit

Although named after DinoHunt Corp. CEO, Elias Henriksen, it was not his idea to construct the city. DinoHunt's board of directors saw it fit to have a living space for employees since many of them would be confined to the planet for extended periods of time as well as a place for new clients to register for hunting and purchase gear and supplies.

After being built the town was named by the employees after Henrikson as a tribute for him and the board of directors for deciding to build the city.

Construction Edit

Construction began sometime in early 2260 after the planet was purchased and the first hunting program began. Because the city was still under construction, hunting was a lot less restricted which resulted in vandalism of ancient structures and untold missing clients. In 2261 the city was completed. The chosen location for construction was a continent somewhere near the planet's equator.

Security and Safety Edit

Because the city was part of a larger continent, Strict security measures were put in place to ensure DinoHunt Corporation employees, clients, and assets were not damaged or eaten by the local wildlife.

The city was walled off by a heavy thick wall with gates blocking access to the back roads from the surrounding wilderness that lead into the city. In addition, Dinohunt corp militia bases were placed near the aforementioned gates and kept on standby at all times. Towers were placed at key points along the walls with specially trained DinoHunt agents in place and guarding the area 24/7. The final security measure was a highly advanced energy dome that remains active at night since the more aggressive carnivores are active at such hours. In the events of a power outage, sentry turrets that run on solar power collected throughout the day are placed at town entrances to help the Dinohunt agents suppress larger crowds.

Henriksen Tower Edit

Inside the city, security measures are just as strict. The central building, Henriksen Tower, is the headquarters for DinoHunt Corporation and is the main information center of the city and planet. All information regarding clients, hunting locations, and other classified DinoHunt Corporation info is stored here. This is also the head place for surveillance of client behavior. Several tech teams work around the clock monitoring hunters and making sure they don't abuse their rights to be on DinoHunt Corporation property, as well as notifying clean up crews of potential dead clients to gather their remains.

The building has restricted access and clients and guests are not permitted to go anywhere beyond the first floor without permission from a DinoHunt Corporation executive. Attempting to breach security will result in being permanently banned from the planet.

R&D Edit

The tower also contains a top secret research and development division. The R&D division creates many useful products for clients such such as weapons and accessories the clients can purchase and use on their hunts.

Market Edit

Surrounding Henriksen Tower are a series of businesses dedicated to DinoHunt Corp clients and guests. Such as eateries, weapon shops, and places to sign up for the various hunting tours the planet has to offer.

Zoo Edit

The zoo is a relatively new location and serves as a place to show clients and guests what kind of creatures inhabit the planet. It was created in response to money lost due to the Crater City Incident to regain lost revenue to pay off lawsuits and bring the company back to launching hunting programs.

Skyport Edit

The skyport is used by DinoHunt Corporation clients to charter a ship for travel to the various sectors on the planet. It is also where employees, potential clients, and guests arrive and depart from the planet.

Residential District Edit

This area is closer to the city walls and is primarily used for housing DinoHunt Corporation employees and their families that spend about every day of their lives working for the company in some way. Guests and clients may also rent or purchase housing but it is very expensive. For the most part guests and clients use hotels located throughout the residential district.

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