Summary Edit

The Hunting Tour is an expensive, subscription-based excursion offered by DinoHunt to people interested in hunting the available animals on FMM UV-32. Opened in 2260, it is DinoHunt's main and most profitable service.

Description Edit

Before they may even make their first payment, clients must sign a rudimentary contract. Legally, the company enjoys sovereignty over the planet and therefore cannot be held liable in a court of law. Nonetheless, this contract was employed in order to clarify the dangers involved and maintain positive public relations with the rapidly growing galactic community.

Tours are conducted by a tightly monitored computer system that allows clients to select their location, firearms, gear, and targets. From there, they are equipped and placed by an orbiting Warp Conduit in the area selected. Trophies are collected by a small UV-Class dropship, and the Hunter is brought back on demand typically by the same Conduit.

In order to facilitate autonomy and prevent wildlife from having an unfair disadvantage, tours are not guided and only one person is permitted in a given area at a time. 

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