Jungle of Gravitsappa
Map gravitsappa



Date of Release

July 22 2012


Central Sector







The Jungle of Gravitsappa is an archipelago of tropical islands in the Central Sector. They are estimated to be in close proximity to the equator. The northwesternmost of these islands was one of the original six areas opened to hunters during DinoHunt's first hunting program.


Initially, only the northwesternmost island appeared in the area maps given to hunters, as the rest of the archipelago was deemed unsafe for travel due to enormous volcanic activity. About a decade later, when the activity subsided, the entire archipelago was deemed safe again and opened for hunters.


The archipelago consists of two islands- Gravitsappa Minor to the northwest and Gravitsappa Major to the south- and several islets inbetween. The islands' topography is hilly and uneven due to years of seismic activity. Lava fissures on both main islands are a common sight.

Coastal RegionEdit

Chalk FormationsEdit




Moss is the main ground cover on both islands. They are also known for their great variety of ferns and treeferns, which make up most of the foliage of the jungle. Gravitsappa Major also houses many palm trees, cacti and thistles.

Official AppearancesEdit

The Jungle of Gravitsappa is the third playable map in Carnivores.

Other AppearancesEdit

The extended version of the Jungle of Gravitsappa is the third map in Carnivores Reloaded.


  • The Jungle of Gravitsappa was originally made for Carnivores by Action Forms themselves. Eventually it was extended and made compatible for later Carnivores games by P.Rex, and was the last map to do so.

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