Mata Nui



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December 2 2011









Mata Nui is a large tropical island mainly known from LEGO's Bionicle franchise. It is home to a pygmy alien race called Matoran.


According to native Matoran myths, the island was created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui, which descended from the heavens in the time before time, bringing the Matoran with him, for which they have named the island after him. However, there are several accounts which tell a different story: according to them, the Great Spirit was a giant, space-traveling robot within which the biomechanical Matoran lived and worked, until an eventual malfunction caused it to crash into the sea, where its camouflage system created the island above the robot's enormous head, where it remains to this day.


The island is divided into six regions, each with its own distinct properties and representing a different element of nature.


The southern jungle region, which represents the element of Air. This is the largest region on the island. It consists of many hills, cliffs and a swamp covered in dense foliage, with the occasional clearing here and there.


The eastern volcanic region, which represents the element of Fire. This narrow region is mostly flat in topography, with a few lava cracks and a large volcano in the center of the island. It is covered in rocks, ashes and burnt trees.


The northeastern grassland region, which represents the element of Water. This region is hilly and covered in grass and small shrubs. A floating village is located at sea to its east.


The northern desert region, which represents the element of Stone. A large region of sandy dunes and rocky cliffs.


The underground region, which represents the element of Earth. A dark, barren labyrinth of caves.


The mountain region, which represents the element of Ice. A large, snowy tundra of jagged peaks and icy pitfalls.


The jungle region has a very large variety of plants including palm trees, cycads, ferns and large evergreen trees. The grassland region contains only small shrubs, mainly Harakeke plants which are used by the natives to make rope. The desert contains only dry grass and a brown variety of Thistle. The ice region contains a few bushes and grasses covered in thick snow.


A large stone temple called Kini-Nui is located in the jungle west of the central volcano. It is similar in appearance to The Ancient Temple, though instead of a sacrificial altar it contains a shrine in honor of the Toa heroes.

In addition, each of the six regions contains a village dedicated to one of the native Matoran tribes.

Official AppearancesEdit

Mata Nui was released as an additional map for Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Ice Age.

Other AppearancesEdit

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