McRath Island



Date of Release

February 24 2001








Action Forms



The Island is notable for its many geographic features such as a large string of mountains that occupy the center parts of the island all the way to the northwest. Small islands in the north part of the island are a popular place to hunt as most creatures of the Arctic Sector do not enjoy swimming in the freezing water. The only creature that usually poses a threat is the Diatryma as the cold water does not seem to bother it as much as the other pointable animals.

A little West of the center of the island is a pool of water famous among Hunters for its ice drifts. In fact, it is so popular that Dino Hunt Corp. uses it for its Arctic Sector travel brochures for advertising the island.

To the Northeast is a semi-island that is only connected to the main island via a small land bridge that the local animals use as a means of travel to and from.


Vegetation isn't that varied here. Much of the smaller foliage is missing any form of leaf suggesting that low browsing herbivores may have picked them clean. The area also features many snow covered cedar trees.

Official AppearancesEdit

McRath Island is the first playable map in Carnivores: Ice Age.

Other AppearancesEdit

A retextured version of McRath Island named "Czeta Flats" is the first playable map in Dragon Quest.

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