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Surf By Shootin, P.Rex

Biology Edit

One of the most powerful and dangerous predators on the planet, the mighty Megalosaurus is the king of the Triassic wastelands. It is the largest creature in the Triassic sector, and is capable of killing anything that lives within. While not as large or powerful as the famous T-Rex of the Central Sector, Megalosaurus is still a worthy adversary, with powerful legs to propel itself at high speeds, thick scales which serve as formidable armor, and incredibly sharp claws and teeth to use as weapons.

Megalosaurus was the primary draw of the Triassic tour in 2268, drawing many to hunt a predator that could rival the T-rex. Megalosaurus is often seen running from hunters, causing many to believe it's a wimpy creature and not worthy of its high ranking; however it is now believe that Megalosaurus may have a higher intelligence than many other theropods, making it know when to pick a fight and when to flee.

Megalosaurus is very different from most theropods in many ways, especially in body structure, for unknown reasons; perhaps the dinosaurs of the Triassic sector evolved in a different way to those in the Central, or Megalosaurus could just be a unique case. Recently, it has been brought up that Megalosaurus could possibly have descended from the ancestor or the somewhat similar Herrerasaurus, providing another possibility for its unique form.

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As of now, Megalosaurus does not appear in any of the official games.

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  • Carnivores Triassic

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