Morrison's Maze



Date of Release

December 17 2016


Central Sector







Morrison's Maze is an area located in the Central Sector. It is part of the Reloaded program.


The area was named by DinoHunt in honor of the late George Morrison, one of the first planetary explorers on FMM-UV32, who disappeared and, presumably, died in an expedition to the region along with his entire crew. While Morrison's Maze was charted as early as the second hunting program, it was not officially opened for hunters until late into the Reloaded program.


Morrison's Maze is an entirely landlocked valley, trapped between steep mountain ranges and divided by a river running from the northwest to the southeast, ending in a large salt lake. The river and salt lake remain mostly dry except during the brief wet seasons, with the latter giving way to an enormous salt flat resembling that of Tatem Wastes.

Surrounding the salt flat, and occupying most of the southeastern quadrant of the map is a desert region, bordered by winding mountains and canyons. One of these canyons leads to a large pool of quicksand, surrounded by lush vegetation and providing a deadly trap for herbivores and scavengers alike.

Beyond the desert, and occupying most of the map are wide and expansive mossy plains. These are peppered with rolling knolls, high cliffs and small, shallow ponds.



The plant life in Morrison's Maze greatly resembles that of Earth's Morrison Formation during the late Jurassic period. Grass is entirely absent from this area, as are Thistles, with most of the ground being covered in mosses, Club Moss and ferns. Redwoods, Monkey Puzzle trees, tree ferns, and various cycads comprise the larger plants in the region. The occasional patches of spiky, purple shrubs break up the green or brown monotony in this area, and a large, torquoise-colored species of fern is only known to exist in the northern redwood forest region- being found nowhere else on the planet.

Official Appearances

Morrison's Maze is the fifth map in Carnivores Reloaded, replacing the Future Great Lake and moving Pyramids of Shmu-Hadron and The Great Lake one notch forward in the map roster.


  • Morrison's Maze was largely inspired by the Walking With Dinosaurs series, with references to the episodes Time of the Titans, Death of a Dynasty and The Ballad of Big Al. It is also loosely based on WWD's spin-off video game, Dinosaur World. The games main five areas all appear in Morrison's Maze, as well as many of the game's ambient sound effects.
  • Several custom-made plants, including Bjuvia, Redwood, Zamia, and Monkey Puzzle, were all made specifically for Morrison's Maze, though they have been largely made available for use in other maps as well.
  • The map contains a few subtle references to some of its creator's other creations outside the Carnivores franchise. These are centered around the northern reaches of the map.

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