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January 7 2012


C2 Sector








Object012 is an island known for its man-made bunker and bizarre, Ancient-associated soil formation located in its center. Like areas such as the Ancient Temple, it is criticized by activists and clients alike for being unethical to have opened for hunting.


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The vegetation of the area is tropical. In the light jungles and woodlands the vegetation is comprised mostly of ferns, cycads, and tree ferns, while near the coastal areas like the swamps and beaches, horsetails can be found, along with more types of ferns and cycads.

In the desolate center of the island, all the vegetation is slowly dying, perhaps because of the soil being too toxic for them to survive in.


Nestled in the Northwestern mountains of the island is an abandoned bunker. The layout and objects found within suggest that this may have served as a fortified laboratory.

In the top floor of the bunker are large cylinders that are traditionally used to preserve organisms for travel and research. Two of them contain Velociraptors, while two others contain unidentified eggs with a striking resemblance to those of the mysterious Xenomorphs. One of these remains unhatched, but the other has hatched and apparently broken through the glass. Some speculate that this was the cause of the facility's abandonment.

DinoHunt Corp denies any involvement with the facility, instead attributing it to outside parties. This assertion is supported by its lack of adornment with the DinoHunt logo that is typically infused on everything owned by the company. However, such evidence may have simply been removed or avoided as a cautionary measure. In any case, the use of English and recognizable technology practically ensures that this was built by humans.

DinoHunt claims to have only confiscated one thing from the bunker: a large external hard drive. On this hard drive, only one file was found: an empty folder entitled "Object012". This is where the area got its name.

Inside the facility, noises suggesting movement (such as doors slamming) can be heard, but no living physical presence has ever been reported. It is unique in that it is the only man-made structure on the planet regularly claimed to be "haunted."

Official AppearancesEdit

Object012 was created as an additional map for Carnivores 2.

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