Poacher arctic

A poacher in the Arctic Sector

are humans who are not clients of DinoHunt Corp. and who hunt on the planet FMM-UV 32, which is DinoHunt property, without hunting permit or license. Like the hunters, they are dressed in army fatigues, and are usually seen carrying an old model of Double Barrel Shotgun.

The motives behind the poachers' activity are unclear; they may be hunting dinosaurs in order to sell their body parts in the black market, as is done with many rare animals today, or to sell them as exotic pets. Some poachers seem to be using the unexplored territories of the planet as a route to smuggle goods under the noses of Imperial authorities, as the masses of crates hidden near poacher hideouts seem to suggest.

It is known that some poachers were able to steal and commandeer DinoHunt standard issue Dropships, essentially turning them into pirate ships.

Today, most poacher activity takes place in the Triassic Sector, as DinoHunt game warden seem to have trouble wiping their presence from this region in particular. In the past they had a greater foothold on the planet, especially in the Arctic Sector.

Although Poachers tend to run when spotting a DinoHunt client, if the Client becomes too nosy in their affairs, they have been known to attack and kill them, so caution is advised to all DinoHunt Corp. Clients when approaching any suspicious individuals.

Known Centers of Poacher ActivityEdit

Poacher desert

The poachers in the Triassic Sector are dressed in desert camo fatigues

Poacher ship

Poacher ships are often painted with a skull-and-crossbones symbol


  • Poachers were at first meant to be introduced in Carnivores: Ice Age as a special "boss" of sorts which appears and attacks when the player has too many points or a full Trophy Room. Hunting the player down as if they were an animal.  This idea was eventually scrapped, but Action Forms accidentally left the poacher model in the game, allowing fans to eventually create mods of it.

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