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Sustainability and Ecological Significance Edit

DinoHunt company scientists have produced data that suggest the hunting program is sustainable. The planet's animals are unanimously solitary, yet they breed and grow at an astonishing rate. These factors alone provide an encouraging environment for hunting, but the company has taken extensive steps to ensure that no animal goes extinct by human hands.

For one, the Hunting Tours are carefully constructed so that the rarest and most sought-after animals are only available to those who have amassed enough Credits through their patronage. Meanwhile, credit penalties are given to those who make use of aids such as Cover Scent and Radar, discouraging their use and encouraging a galactic culture wherein those who go without such gear command more respect.

The number of times that a given person may hunt the same animal is limited on a seasonal and area-specific basis. During mating seasons, the animal in question is completely off limits in all areas. Hunts are scheduled in advance, meaning that a prospective Parasauralophus Hunter may have to wait until they are available.

DinoHunt's ownership is also a strong deterrent to poachers. Over the 60 years following the Planetary Exploration Corporation's discovery of UV-32, poachers have devastated ecosystems around the globe. By contrast, DinoHunt has been fairly successful in their efforts to eliminate it wherever possible. The corporation's reliance upon the animals for income has ensured that they are fiercely protected from extinction.

Preservation of Existing Architecture Edit

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