The Pristine Kingdom is a region to the far eastern part of planet FMM-UV 32 starting from the edge of the Central Sector and ending at the border of the "Wastelands" region. The Pristine Kingdom itself holds small landmasses and islands of a wide range of diversity from forests to lush jungles and even to dry deserts. The fauna found here are quite primitive and these true species can only be found here, exceptions can be made for a few subspecies that are related in some way to their originals, for example, Baryonyx.


Geography Edit

The vast landmasses found in the region are somewhat similar to previously discovered islands and also new at the same time. Some islands, like the Pristine Paradise, has flora that can only be found there, making them very endangered, thus giving the area its name.

  • Deciduous Pass -

passable hills and valleys run through this forested area making it easy to hunt on,perfect for a starting map

  • Pristine Paradise -

An average sized island populated by unique tropical flora. low hills circle the island with a beach lining the coast. A large volcano can be found towards the middle of said Island.

  • Torvis Everglades -

An Island large in size, filled with small ponds and rivers, Torvis Everglades is a warm, swampy area where many animals come to breed and live. a few hills can be found in certain parts of the map.

Climate Edit

Due to the diversity of these landmasses, Climate can be expected to change somewhat slightly. The forests of Deciduous Pass are sub-tropical,the Pristine Paradise being tropical, whilst the Isle of Aladarius is dry and hot.Some islands near the equator usually tend to share the same climate such as the Torvis Everglades, which has a warm and cool climate.

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