The Ancient Temple
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May 19 2012


Central Sector







The Ancient Temple is a territory consisting of several landmasses in the Central Sector. The northwesternmost of these islands was one of the original six areas opened to hunters during DinoHunt's first hunting program.


Several Millennia before human arrival, this site was a major Ancient port city, possibly a capital city of one of the Ancient cultures. Eventually, a war decimated most of it and destroyed most of the structures built on higher ground, killing many. The remaining inhabitants boarded ships and evacuated the city, though at least one of those ships didn't survive.

During the first program, only the northwestern island appeared on the area maps given to hunters. Eventually, the rest of the area was opened for hunting as well.



Legend says that the ghosts of the Ancient inhabitants still linger on to this land, unable to find peace in the afterlife due to the gruesome nature of their deaths. Many hunters reported seeing strange white beings while exploring the ruins.


Another legend surrounding this place regards what the Ancients left behind. It is said that somewhere on the map the Ancients have built an enormous underground vault where the entire city's treasury is kept; an enormous treasure of gold coins. The legend also says, however, that the treasure is cursed, and all who try to keep it die on spot, their bodies turning into its weight in gold.

DinoHunt firmly asserts that those who were "turned to gold" were actually people who were detained for attempting to steal from the gold hoard. The company uses body cameras to monitor for vandalism and theft, and people who steal are detained, identified, and prohibited from entering UV-32 airspace indefinitely. However, Warp Coordinator Laos Mykl claimed in an interview preceding the controversy that body cameras and signals seem to go dead upon entering the chamber. When later asked to clarify his statements, he claimed that it was probably a signal error and laughed at the suggestion that people are turned to gold.


This area is located in the northern reaches of the Central Sector, in close proximity to the Arctic region. It consists of what was once a valley surrounded by four hills, which after the war became islands. The tallest peaks of these mountains are covered in snow to this day.

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The Ancient Temple is the fourth map in Carnivores.

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The Ancient Temple is the fourth map in Carnivores Reloaded.


  • The Ancient Temple was originally made for Carnivores by Action Forms themselves. Eventually it was extended and made compatible for later Carnivores games by P.Rex.