Thisthle red
A Red Thistle growing in The Great Lake





First Appearance


Thistles (also called "Desert Shrubs" or "Desert Thorns") are a type of small, thorny Lycopsid shrub that is common around FMM-UV 32. Despite being named after the thistles of Earth, they are not related to them and in fact are more closely related to club mosses.


Thistles are small and hardy plants. The base of the plant consists of an X-shaped root, known as stigmaria, that burrows into the
Thisthle black

A Black Thistle growing in Panerimos

ground. From that base sprout three woody stalks, which grow several inches high before splitting into branches. On the end of each branch is a thorny, colorless flower-like strobilus where spores are produced. Leaves do not grow anywhere on the thistle, and it may or may not employ photosynthesis.

Thistles bear superficial similarity to Clevandodendron, and may be related to it, but differ in their smaller size, multiple stalks on each individual plant, and presence of visible stigmarian roots.


Thistles are some of the most common flora on the planet. They can grow on almost any type of ground, from shifting sand to solid rock. They grow in almost any climate, except for Arctic climate. So far thistles have been found in the Central Sector and the Triassic Sector.


Due to their woody constitution, thistles can only be eaten by herbivores with a strong digestive tract and
Thisthle greenshire

A Greenshire Thistle glowing at night

powerful jaw, like Placerias, Triceratops, Chasmosaurus and most herbivorous mammals. They are not of much use to herbivores that cannot chew their food, like Stegosaurus.

Thistles are inedible to humans and are considered an agricultural pest.

Known SpeciesEdit

  • Red Thistle- these are the most famous type of thistle due to being the first one discovered by humans. They grow mainly in the Central Sector, as well as Hell Island.
  • Black Thistle- a type of dark green thistle that grows throughout most of the Triassic Sector.
    Thisthle blue

    A Blue Thistle

  • Blue Thistle- a species endemic to Dory Oasis. It formed a unique symbiosis with the blue mosses growing there.
  • Greenshire Thistle- similar in appearance to the Black Thistle, in addition to having bioluminescent strobili that glow in a bright green light. Endemic to Greenshire.

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