The Triassic Sector is located in the southern hemisphere of FMM-UV 32. It is the first region discovered south of the equator, and despite only being opened recently it quickly became popular with hunters. It is considered extremely challenging for hunters due to the arid climate and dangerous wildlife.

Panerimos is a typical Triassic area.


This sector borders with the Central Sector to the north. It consists mainly of a single large continental landmass, though a few islands exist as well. This continent is thought to be entirely distinct from the one in the Central Sector due to the radically different flora and fauna.


The Triassic sector is hot and arid, and known for its great deserts and savannas. Volcanic activity is commonplace in this sector as well, with Vulcanicity going all the way up to 5. At least one great oasis with a more temperate climate is known to exist here, and one region where temperatures are lower because of a perpetual storm.

Native FaunaEdit

The native wildlife of this sector consists mainly of synapsids and other reptiles, though a few dinosaurs and at least one invasive species exist here as well. Most of these resemble creatures that lived on Earth during the Permian, Triassic, and early Jurassic periods.


Human ActivityEdit

  • The Triassic Sector is a well known center of Poacher activity, and poachers may be encountered in any map within the sector. The poachers are known to have built encampments in Panerimos and Tatem Wastes. They also brought Hounds, which became feral and integrated within the local ecosystem.
  • There is what seems to be an abandoned human village in Mfuto Island.

Ancient MonumentsEdit

  • The Ancients have at one point inhabited the area known as Dory Oasis, where they have erected an enormous temple.
  • A buried structure exists beneath the sands of Panerimos.

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