Trophy Room
A trophy room from the first hunting program



Date of Release

November 5 1998








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Trophy Rooms are stone structures built by DinoHunt Corp. and used to store kills. Each client who registers into one of DinoHunt's trophy hunt programs recieves access to a personal trophy room, where slain animals are stuffed and posed for display. Each trophy room may contain up to 24 kills.


During the first hunting program, DinoHunt built trophy rooms from a type of red stone in a style mimicking Ancient architecture, mainly of the kind found in The Ancient Temple.


The new trophy room design

As the first program closed and the second opened, these rooms were phased out and new ones were built in their stead. The new rooms were built from a green type of rock similar to the rocks found in the sea near Delphaeous Hills- suggesting the island was once mined for this building material. They were built in the same architectural style as the old rooms and may contain the same number of trophies. The reason for the change is unknown.

When the C1 territories were reopened to hunters, DinoHunt brought some of the old trophy rooms back into use, probably for the effect of nostalgia. A similar type of trophy room was built for participants of the Triassic program.



A trophy room from Carnivores Triassic

The location of DinoHunt's trophy rooms was never revealed. The different types of sky in different types of rooms, and the snowy weather in Arctic rooms suggest the trophy rooms were built in various DinoHunt bases around the planet, usually close to the habitats of animals they were meant to contain. Therefore, there was probably at least one DinoHunt base in each sector of the planet.

Another possibility is that at least some of the trophy rooms are located outside the planet, such as in various human colonies like Crater City.

Mock Trophy RoomsEdit

There is at least one known instance of poachers building mock trophy rooms to store their kills. One

A Gallimimus wanders around the mock trophy room near The Great Lake

poacher hideout near The Great Lake, which remained undiscovered by DinoHunt for almost a decade, contained one such room, where even the dinosaur trophies remained intact despite being exposed to weather and scavengers. Although the site is no longer of use to poachers, DinoHunt left the poacher camp, including the trophy room, intact to entertain tourists and hunters.