Vulcanicity is a system whose purpose is to indicate how much volcanic activity exists in a given area. This is a useful tool for potential hunters and explorers since generally the higher vulcanicity is on a map, the more dangerous it is.

Vulcanicity is measured on a scale of 0 to 5:

0- no volcanic activity whatsoever. This is the vulcanicity level on most maps.

1- extinct volcanoes, or other past volcanic activity that has since subsided. Examples of this are in Vengar Fjords and Ring of Infernus.

2- dormant volcanoes. There is a little lava, gas pockets or geothermal activity, but not enough to pose a severe danger to hunters. Examples of this are in Dory Oasis and Mount Ravan.

3- active volcanoes and lava fissures are present, but not in large numbers. Examples of this are in The Ancient Temple.

4- active volcanoes and lava fissures are present in large numbers, posing a serious threat to travelers. Examples of this are in the Jungle of Gravitsappa and Volcanis.

5- hell on earth. The highest level of vulcanicity possible for carbon-based life to endure. An example of this is in Hell Island.

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