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This strange beast roams the Arctic sector eating everything that moves. Although not as elusive as its cryptid Earth counterpart, the Yeti is known to be a little shy from time to time, running away from Hunters. The Yeti is a very fast animal, preferring to use its long and muscular arms to move across land at high speeds.

When actually angered, it can clear the distance between the Hunter and itself in a very short amount of time. It can also use its deadly speed to scale mountains some other creatures cannot. It is considered by some to the the king of the Arctic Sector. Its fur allows it to blend in with the snow.

Unlike the Earth counterpart, the Yeti of FMM UV-32 has some dinosaur-like qualities, such as three fingers and toes like some theropod dinosaurs.

There have been reports of Sasquatch/Bigfoot like creatures roaming the Central Sector as well. This is currently being investigated as factual by DinoHunt Corporation.

Official AppearancesEdit

Yeti is one of the huntable animals in Carnivores: Ice Age, where it starts out as invisible in the hunt menu, instead being shown only as a silhouette titled "Bonus". The Yeti is unlocked when the player has reached a thousand credit points.

Other AppearancesEdit

  • Carnivores Community Edition has added the Yeti as a huntable animal, along with the dinosaurs of Carnivores 2.
  • A reskinned Yeti titled "Ogre" is a huntable animal in Dragon Quest.
  • A reskinned Yeti titled "Gorilla" was a huntable animal in the now-cancelled Carnivores Africa.
  • A port by Glitchhunter09 to Carnivores 2 allows the Yeti model to fit the Tyrannosaurus AI, making it capable of being much more aggressive than it was in the original PC release of Carnivores Ice Age. The Standard yeti model, on the other hand, automatically fits Ceratosaurus AI, which is still more aggressive than the Ice Age Yeti AI.

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